Board of Review

What is a Board of Review? What should the Scout expect? What are some sample questions (useful to the Scout and to board members)? All these questions are answered in the article below.

Most of it the content below is reproduced from the document written Ray Klaus when he was District Advancement Chairman for Saddleback District, Orange County Council, BSA (1994-1995), A Guide to Conducting Boards of Review. Sentences shown in bold are specific to Troop 719.


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New Family Orientation 2012

Just Joined?  Not sure what you just got into?  What's the next step?  I have to do what???

Not to worry! Trust me!... Wink

For new families (or old with failing memories) here is a suggested list of helpful information to get you started in Troop 719.

- BSA Troop 719 Patrols List (See this site for updated list)

- Troop 719 Assignments List (See this site for updated list)

- Troop 719 Roster (See this site for updated roster)

- BSA Troop 719 Family Orientation Handbook (Included here as an attachment)

Youth Protection Certification Needed

Hi everyone..
If you have not turned in your copy of the Youth Protection Certificate to either me or Alan Igasaki...please do so soon.
I will later let you know if I still need a copy of your certificate to turn in for recharter.

Those who have turned in your proof of completion card or certificate....Thank You!!
See you at committee meeting tonight.
Geri Mizukami

Welcome to the new

As you can readily see, we have finally made the switch to the new website. You can go to, or you can go to Either way you'll end up here! Just to be clear, the "official" website is

The website still is a work in progress. Things that are still on my "To Do" list:


Expense Reimbursement Form - Please remember that if it over $100 if will require approval at the bottom by the Committee Chair of Scoutmaster before it is submitted for payment.

Annual Health and Medical Record - Form 34412 - for Scouts NEW PLEASE READ NOW! 

Eagle Scout Application Form from Trail to Eagle

Scout Patch Placement Form

Leader Patch Placement Form

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