Death Valley National Park Trip

Greetings Troop,
We successfully completed our 670mile trip by arriving safely home today at about 4:30pm.  We dodged the bullet by avoided the approaching storm system targeted to for tomorrow.

Thank goodness we all were able to survive the long drive, but we did manage to pack in quite a few "adventures".

Arriving quite late (about 12 midnight) at our first stop, Diaz Lake- we quickly made camp and tried to get some sleep.
We arose early to get a quick start for our travels.

We started our tour to our next destination: Darwin Falls.  Where we completed the short hike and had our lunch by the cars.


          Next stop, Stovepipe Wells for a quick stop, then on to Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes,
where the temptation to conquer these beautiful slopes overcame us.


We were able to help out someone who battled with a bit of dehydration and fatigue; the whole troop quickly responded and formed a relay to
expedite the passing of water and gatorade to our person in need.  Luckily, our patient, the only actor not at the Academy awards, was able to return on his own power and made it safely to camp.
Onward to camp: Texas Spring Campground.

We arrived at camp and were greeted by the camp host.  He asked if we, as a Boy Scout Troop, could retire an old flag.  We obliged and decided to coordinate the ceremony for after dinner, and noted that there was another troop at the next campsite over who were wearing their class A uniforms.  Scoutmaster Jerry Tondo and advisor Jim Matsushita walked over and asked if they would like to assist us in the task. Troop 93 from Fullerton, CA actually accepted the task and we would provide the campfire.  After a dinner of hamburgers, hotdogs, chili, nachos- which the scouts prepared and cooked, under the watchful and masterchef tuteledge of Dr. Watanabe, Troop 93 with our troop looking on, - completed the ceremony under an immense blanket of stars- a proper setting for a proper ceremony for retiring the stars and stripes.  The 2 Troops shared some s'mores and snacks afterwards.

We left Texas Springs at about 8:15 in am.
onwards to our Badwater, the lowest point in the USA.
where we will be completing the High Low Award in conjunction with our recent peaking of Mt. Whitney (the highest point on the continental US).

Mission Complete.

Thank you to our Scout Hikemaster Derek Inouye, Grubmaster Miles Kuwata, and to all the scouts to a job well done.
Special thanks to alumni fathers, Kevin Kaneko and Jerry Takao for lending their support and wisdom.
Special thanks to all the drivers who toiled with hours of driving.  It was a grind but worth every minute.

Wade Inouye
Hike master 2012