Hiking With Troop 719

Our troop is ‘a hiking troop’…meaning that though we participate in other activities, the main emphasis of our program is hiking.  The normal hiking season consists of the following activities:

  • Rock Climb (training)
  • Snow Hike (training)
  • Two Low Altitude Weekend Hikes
  • Two High Altitude Weekend Hikes
  • Make-up Hikes
  • Day Hike Training (usually 10 – 15 miles)
  • Daylight Savings Training Runs
  • Long Term Hike

Since 1974, long term camp outs have included the High Sierras, Yosemite, Mt. Whitney, most of the John Muir Trail, parts of the Pacific Crest Trail, Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon/Colorado River, and Hawaii. The Long Term Hike in August is the culmination for all the above activities.



In 2009, the troop went out of state to Maui, Hawaii. They hiked in Haleakala National Park for a total of 5 days. In 2010, the troop split between the older scouts and the younger scouts for their long terms. The older scouts went to the prestigious scout ranch, Philmont, New Mexico for 10 days, and the younger scouts went to North Lake, Bishop, California for 5 days.


This year, the troop is training to go to Mount Whitney, California.